Friday, April 07, 2006

...the more time I lose...

Asslamualaikum and peace be upon you...

Day of the Mundanes,
6th dawn of the Time of Growing Moon,
Year of the Caminus Canis.
17th day of the 2nd month of being a Slave to the Slaves of Lucre...

Maturely Immature

It has been nearly three months since the Demon be made slave to the Slaves of Lucre...

and more than ten beautiful blistering months since the Demon first met and fell in love with the lovely Princess...
and more than ten years the Demon has befriended the Mamak Bendahara...

and more than 13 years the Demon has befriended the King...
and more than 18 years the Demon has befriended the Jester...

and more than 30 years, 2 months and 11 days the Demon first drawn his first breath as a Arrogant Child to the ever patient Regents...

Yet he is still an immature child.
He has always wondered, no, confused actually. Always has he thought that it is a curse – this state of being a slave to the Slaves of Lucre. Always for the Demon, this state of life is a cage made of the Sordid Steel of a Lost Mind.

How wrong he was.
This state of life is actually a 'tutorial' for him from the One True Master. In this state of life he saw the colors of life, the silent songs of life and the meaning of life. The sourness that he thought he tasted was in truth, sweetness.

True, a life as a slave tolls the flesh, but even truer that a life as a slave in the mortal planes enriches the mind, fortify the soul.

As a slave, he saw, the things that meant to be seen...
The Demon saw, understood now that no matter how painful it is to love the Princess, it is a beautiful feeling, the most wonderful of all.

The Demon saw, understood now that no matter how minimal were the words exchanged between him and the Mamak Bendahara, the years of friendship is still strong, as strong as the mighty sky above his head.
The Demon saw, understood now that no matter how high has the King climbed the mounts of Aurarius, it is done with pain, sweat and patient.

The Demon saw, understood now that no matter how much dirt of sins cling to the white linens of the Jester’s body, it is washable by the sweet slow flow of the River of Castussum.

The Demon saw, understood that every breath he has taken and would be taking will never settle the debt of Animare he owed the Regents.
And he knew and understood now that no matter how old he get, he is still and forever will be maturely immature.

Said the Sahara to the Sun

Said the Sahara to the Sun,
what do you want?
is it not enough that you made the trees run?
or have you yet had your fun?

Said the Sahara to the Sun,
why did you drink my river dry?
why must you left me with no tears to cry?
why must you made the past seems like a lie?

Answered the Sun to the Sahara,
my wanting is to like a painting,
painted by the markings of the running trees,
so that you learn the meaning of glee.

Answered the sun to the Sahara,
I drink not your river dry,
I made oasis so that only the vultures cry,
so that the dates may not be dried.

Lucre = money/wealthSordid
Steel of a Lost Mind = the bars that only the mind can make
Aurarius = goldCastussum = piety


maya said...

lovely indeed..
and how can a painful love be beautiful my dear?

is it ur birthday today?
wish you happy birthday and may all your wishes come true..

take care

demonsinme said...


Painful love can be beautiful if we learn that the root cuase of the pain lies deep in our heart.

Nope, its not me birthday. My birthday is in january.

fara said...

they say beauty is crafted from pain, and so is ur piece.

thewailer said...

piety and patience lessen the pain, be steadfast to both me and you akhi...

demonsinme said...

My piece has no beauty but only brute.

Tru my akh, so tru...only staedfastness would lessen our pain

Najwa Aiman said...

lust is good.... i luv lust... lust with no luv will bust... so luv lust...

demonsinme said...

Love and lust, the difference is only in the two last alphabets. If one is not wary, one would threat treat them as the same.