Saturday, April 22, 2006

...the lonelier it gets...

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you...

Day of the Blithe,
22nd dawn of the Time of the Growing Moon,
Year of the Caminus Canis.

29th day, 2nd month in the life of a Slave to a Slave...


The Demon and the Child

Laying down on the green Grass of Levamentumi, the stared at the great blue yonder, pondering upon his existence in this world.

It has been once too many that the Demon heard whispers in the wind telling him that life is beautiful, and far too many times has he heard the birds singing the songs that embraces the theme of a blessed life.

He grew weary of all these whispers and songs.

He grew weary and tired of loving, caring, respecting and humbling himself. He grew tired of the lessons that the One True Master trying to teach him.

He grew weary and tired.

Deep in the black brimstone walls of his heart, the Demon long for freedom. The Demon has longed for the kind of freedom that many would deem as deviant to any idols or entity seen or unseen.

He longed for it badly.

The Demon is now a creature true to the name that his rotting flesh embodied.

The Child that Everyone Hate to Love, the Demon's invisible twin, a being that has forever been at war with him in the arena of life is losing the battle. The red beating clot blood that both shared drip tears of sadness for this realization.

If ever, either one of them loses letting the other reign supreme. Than this red beating clot of blood would cease to exist. And all would be the beginning of an end to everything that love has touched, even those that love touch with a touch as light as a gentle breeze.


Levamentum = solace


The Tales of Me

In the beginning,
hide the end,
in the end,
hide the begining.
In this life,
I have a yearning,
a yearning that I would have,
of the things seen by only the blind,
of hope held high by only the ones hope denied,
to be free,
to roam,
amongst the beautiful dead roses,
between dry green leaves,
to be free,
to be truly free.


In another time,
another tale will come.
of the things,
the Demon saw as a Slave to a Slave.

but for now,
the Demon would only rest.




thewailer said...

dear brother demonsinme,
I hope the yearning would be realised, as I am to make mine. I have sent an email to you but unreplied, perhaps it is unwanted at this moment, then I truly am sorry for delivering it, this entry embodies my own thoughts too in its every essence, until then brother, God speed.

demonsinme said...


Forgive me for my delay in answering your e-mail. It is most wellcome, but, being a slave that i am (and i mean literally) time have shy away from me.

Again, forgive me for my delay ion answering your email.